Fifty Shades Darker Inspired Sex Positions to Try in the Bedroom Tonight!

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Would you like to have marathon level sex like in the new film Fifty Shades Darker? Here's some of the positions from the steamiest sex scenes that you can try at home yourself and recreate the passionate that Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey showed us.

The Pool Table Missionary

Fifty Shades Darker Grey Pool Table Missionary Sex Position 

Just as in the film start this off with a game of pool. Try placing bets against each other, with the winner getting to have their way with the loser. Then after the game screw each other passionately on the pool table! Who says everyone can't be a winner?


The Vibrating Butt Sexifer

fifty shades darker gray vibrating anal nipple clamp

Insert a vibrating bullet or egg into your vagina and then get on your knees and let him tie your wrists up while also applying some nipple clamps to your breasts. Now when he sticks his cock in your ass he'll also feel the vibrations (and so will you!) as he rams up your poop chute, and the combined sensations from your most erotic zones -- boobs, pussy and vagina -- are you sure to take you to a whole new level of orgasmic delight! 

The Ice Creamy Party

fifty shades darker grey ice cream party sex scene

Get a big bucket of ice cream and let him use you as his bowl.  In particular, let him lick it out of your pussy. Use your full imagination with this one; why not let him first build a sundae with hot melted chocolate fudge, whipped cream nuts, bandannas and cherries, and then eat it off you? Make sure your wrists are restrained to the bed, because the mixed sensations of cold, hot and his tongue are sure you to make you go wild. 


Shower Wallbanger

Fifty Shades Darker Sex Position Shower Wallbanger

Slip on a mesh t-shirt (we've got one in stock for $16.99) and let your man hold you under the shower head as you ride his pelvis to a hot and steamy climax. For extra protection try to ensure you have a shower mat so he doesn't lose stability and slip in the bath tub. 

The Lipstick Marker

Lipstick Fifty Shades Darker Sex Position

There's a scene where Anastasia Steele used her lipstick to mark all the places on Christian Grey's body where she couldn't touch him, but you can also reverse this concept and make it so the lipstick marks are the ONLY places you touch one another. Make them places you enjoy being touched and you're sure to have a kinky good time in bed tonight!

Spreaded and Bended

fifty shades darker grey sex position bar spreader

If you don't yet feel up for these more wild sex moves, you could consider something a little more vanilla but still pretty kinky. Purchase a spreader bar, attach it to your ankles and let you man fuck you over the edge of your bed, couch or the kitchen table. Not being able to move your legs will build a new level of psychological excitement as he has his way with you. 



There's more kinky sex positions in the film but these were the ones we think everyone ought to try at least once. Of course you can find more bondage gear from us in our dedicated Bondage Catalog Collection, so if you're looking to spice up your love life -- or maybe it a darker shade -- why not click on the link and check it out?