How to choose lingerie for plus size women

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How to choose lingerie for plus size women

Finding the perfect plus size lingerie is crucial for your romantic night the idea is to select the perfect one that suits your body size, choose the size which highlights your best assets and drives the eye to them.  Your woman's body might not  be like the ones in the magazine but it doesn’t mean they are not perfect or  beautiful just the way they are. We have lingerie that can enhance your good features as long as you feel confident  and beautiful  you would come out sexier than ever. Choosing lingerie for plus size women depend on the part of the body you are not comfortable the most because wearing lingerie is all about confidence -- feeling super confident enough to bring out your sexiness. As an example, a lot of plus size women do not like showing their stomach and instead they love to hide the tummy area. You must consider this when choosing lingerie for your plus size partner.

Tips to consider when choosing lingerie for plus size women

You have to know her actual size:

  • Buying the right size of lingerie is very important. You have to get the right size by measuring your body (burst, waist, hips) then compare to the size chart . you would feel joy when you actually wear your actual size. A well fitted lingerie would flatter the positive  and mask the negatives. So make sure you understand her measurements. 

Example of a modern babydoll style lingerie from our catalog. 

Determine the style that flatters her body:

  • Some styles may look great on others but when she tries, it may not bring out her best curves, so take a moment to reflect in your preferences. The type of lingerie that goes well for plus size women is often Babydoll lingerie (click to see our selection of Babydoll lingerie).
  • Baby dolls are perfect because the entire waist flows away from the midsection area.  Babydolls are also good for hiding the tummy area but it would show some skin. There is nothing wrong in showing some skin as a plus size woman especially when you are trying to be sexy for your partner.
  • You should also consider Corset lingerie: A corset is a great style as it emphasizes cleavage and curves.

Choose the right material for your lingerie:

  • The style may look nice but lingerie still depend on the type of material used. If you want to look flattering or sophisticated silk or lace, is the best. To boost your sex appeal try leather and sheer chiffon lingerie. Cotton lingerie is for everyday use as it actually gives comfort and low maintenance .

Decide on the colour and pattern that suits you:

  • For a slimming effect black coloured lingerie is a popular choice.
  • Red lingerie with lace on the burst would make you look sexy and seductive.
  • For a youthful look pastel colours (turquoise, pink, pale, cobalt} are the best.

Consider interests and fetishes.

  • Your lady might be interested in encouraging your fetishes. For example perhaps you have an anime cosplay fetish, so a cosplay related outfit might be ideal.
  • If she has an interest in BDSM / bondage. If so leather lingerie would be good.
  • Maybe she is nostalgic for her younger days. Something that is Sailor Moon or Pokemon themed lingerie might excite her -- and you!


Example of Pokemon themed lingerie from our catalog.

Set your budget:

  • Shop around and stay within your budget when shopping for sleep wear or lingerie, you do not have to break the bank to buy the perfect lingerie. We carry many affordable varieties of such styles on our website in our Lingerie Catalog.

Also put into consideration that when choosing lingerie for plus size women you have to consider not buying the lingerie that would show where you are not comfortable with in your body part for example if you have issue with your stomach try to find a piece of lingerie that is less tight and more flowing in the stomach part. If you love your chest go for the one that is tighter and would show more of your cleavage, making that the focus of the outfit.

Benefits of choosing dark colors for your lingerie is that it gives a slimming effect and also can promote the "bad girl" image that many men find sexy. Remember that your goal is to make your lover's eye drift to the sexiest parts of your body, so choose the lingerie that accentuates your assets best.

Different types of lingerie

Lingerie sure determines how a woman feels about her self and choosing the type she wants means she want to show a particular part she’s sure comfortable with. Picking the right style and size that complements your mood and accentuates your curves can actually make all the difference in that case. The world of lingerie is indeed  baffling with different  options to choose from. And outlandish names like “baby doll nightie” or “garter belts” don’t make the task any easier. So, before you jump into the well, ensure you know what type you are going for. Lingerie incorporates everything from demure to decorous, from radical to racy, from feminine to man-friendly and much more. For woman, the benefits of wearing lingerie are infinite, it is undeniably gorgeous. However, when it comes to buying the right lingerie, most women just don’t know what to buy and how.The benefit of wearing lingerie are infinite ,if your drawer lacks some beautiful lingerie here the types of lingerie to explore from


  • The camisole lingerie is a short sleeveless , waist length that can be worn as a slip or loose fitting top with jeans .the camisole covers the top part of the body which extends to the waist but expose the midriff or sometimes cover the entire pelvic region . It is made from light material commonly cotton occasionally satin or silk and sometimes stretch materials. Camisole as a thin strap which can be worn over a brassiere or without one. The camisole lingerie gives a slimmer shape and if you want to show off your cleavage.


  • The chemises lingerie are night gown that are short ,silky and fits the body and brings out the shape which is not adviceable for plus size women with big tummy. The length of the chemise varies from each other some end below the bum ,we have some that extends up to the knee length. It also has thin strap like the camisole lingerie which are modifiable giving you the sexy elegant look.

Baby doll lingerie:

  • This is the hottest lingerie. a must have in your wardrobe, it is short , loose fitting nightgown that come with bra like cups. Soft, flowy and flirtatious. It exposes the leg  sometimes it exposes the breast as well depends on the style you going for. The babydoll comes with a matching panties. Babydoll lingerie is advised for plus size  women who is not comfortable with their tummy.


  • The bustier lingerie is more like a well fitted top or strapless bra that goes up to the waist which gives fuller burst and deeper cleavage good lingerie for those that want to show off their chest. The bustier makes you look fuller at top and slimmer in the middle. It is made of silk or sleek fabric. The bustier can be worn without panties.


  • Almost like the bustier lingerie It offers a stronger and tighter grip.the corsets actually gives an hour glass appearance .

Night gown:

  • The night gown is one of the most popular lingerie, it is generally worn for comfort. It comes in different types of fabrics and design from sleeve to sleeveless, there is also different in size from hip length to knee length and also we have the one all the way to the floor.


  • This are worn to avoid abrasion of the skin from thick fabric like wool, it also prevents fabric from sweat. A full slip hangs up from the shoulder while the half slip hangs to the waist.

Thongs and g-string panties:

  • If you love to show off your sexy ass then the thong and g-strings is what you should go for. It covers the cheek of the ass with thin clothing that helps hold them from one end to the other. G-strings is an elastic string to the back ,thongs are panties which covers only the front part and leaves the ass exposed covering it by a thin string of material.

Garter belt:

  • The garter belt is worn directly on the skin around the waist. You can attach stockings or high thigh to the belt with 4 to 8 straps dangling from this.

Why lingerie is important to have as a plus size woman

It actually serves as a huge confidence boost:

  • wearing something that makes you feel sexy like lacey panties,pushup bras,garter belts, corsets, babydoll e.t.c these lingerie actually boost confidence. Wearing lingerie underneath a cloth would make you feel actually celebrates sexuality.

It empowers women:

  • To be a woman is not about looking like one but actually feeling it that you are a woman. Lingerie has help women feel their femininity. The lace in lingerie decorates  a woman's beauty. The  fit pieces help accentuate her curves.  Lingerie brings confidence. Women have the power to have an entire room stare at them.

Lingerie helps provide support to the body parts:

  • For example the push up bras helps put the boobs in the right place it makes it firm and look sexier,it also helps put the breast together and makes it look bigger also the sport bras help put all the support of the bust to the back and weight of the bust so as to reduce the jiggling of the bust when running. Also panties such as thongs help the ass looks bigger since it does not cover the all bottom. Hip huggers gives sexy feel which is recommended for women who have more junk in the trunk. Garter belts are beautiful lingerie that keep stockings from riding down the legs. Corsets and Bustiers lingerie are an extension of a bra to help keep an hourglass figure and give you a sexy shape and it  is because of all the boning in the seams that makes you look sexier. Babydolls lingerie  could be defined as a bra with a dress. Teddies are fitted bodysuits that makes the body appear slimmer and sexier which is  usually transparent to show off that feminine beautiful body. Lingerie isn’t just about looking sexy, it also has detailed functions.

It helps boost relationship:

  • If you are in a long time relationship, or marriage and you realize things are not working out the way it should be or every thing gets boring, or you realized the  connection between you two weakens and the passions fades. Lingerie can restore a boring relationship into something exciting. Relationships and marriages can get boring if the same thing happens day to day. Lingerie such as baby dolls, teddies, or garter belts can create a sexy surprise for a partner. Lingerie reignites passion with novelty.  Things that were once boring can be fun again! Because you show off your sexiness and confidence to your partner.

Lingerie is more than just clothing:

  • Lingerie can showcase a woman's personality. It helps defines a woman as beautiful, feminine, strong, and elegant. It creates a sense of excitement every time she puts it on. It is a bold sexy wrapped in black and red lace. Lingerie comes in different pieces for different personalities.  Lace bras and panties are for when a woman is feeling confident and bold. Comfort bras are for when a woman wants to feel beautiful in her skin but also sexy. Some women prefer lacey lingerie over non-laced counterparts depending on her preferences. Lingerie shows personality of a woman. Lingerie is more than just important to a woman. It is important to those around her. It shows us who a woman is, her preferences, desires, dreams and fantasies.

Choosing bra for plus size women

For plus size women, adequate support is essential in a bra. The major support should come from the underband and cups, and only a small amount from the straps. If there is Inadequate support from the back band, which can occur when the bra fits incorrectly, puts stress on the straps, which can cause  them to dig into the shoulders. Additional features like extra hooks and wider straps help the bra support heavier busts and gives women more comfort.