How to Clean and Care for Sex Toys : A Guide

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How to properly clean and care for your sex toys

Properly cleaning and maintaining the tidiness of your sex toys is really important for a number of reasons including avoidance of viruses and bacteria. Here are few pieces of advice on how to adequately take care of your toys and keep them clean and free of bacteria.  

Carefully read the instructions

This is where the proper caring of your sex toys begins. As soon as you buy them, be sure that you have properly read and understood the instructions that come with them. With all the instructions, there is a section called care and cleaning. Pay exclusive attention to it. One thing you might never want to do is to take these instructions for granted.

Consider the material of the toys

There is a whole list of materials that are used to make your sex toys. They can be made of silicon, spandex, cotton, stainless steel, TPR plastic or Thermoplastic Rubber etc. You might need to keep in view the specific material of your sex toys before deciding on to wash them. Wrong choice of the washing method might seriously damage or altogether ruin your sex toys for ever.

Ultra-Violent Disinfection Boxes

You can also purchase a UV disinfection box that will kill any bacteria or diseases through the use of UV rays produced by the box. We carry these boxes in our catalog which you can purchase from us. This is a guaranteed way to clean your toys.

USB Chargeable Portable Ultraviolet Sex Toy Disinfection Box


Use of condoms with sex toys

Do not buy silicone-lubricated condoms. Use instead the condoms which specifically mention that they contain water-based lube. Most lubricated condoms use a silicone lube which generally is a cheap one. Using them will generate a reaction with a silicone toy. For silicone or hard materials, you could get a latex condom if you are not allergic to latex material. If you prefer porous materials, the better idea is to use polyurethane condoms. You need to beware that many porous materials contain oily material as a softener and oil is totally not compatible with latex. This is important to note.

Washing the toys

Even if you don’t share your toys with a partner and use them exclusively for your person, it is still a healthy practice to wash your toys both before and after every use. Washing the toys enhances their life and prevents the material from degrading and discoloring.

According to experts, it is safe to wash sex toys after using them but it is safer to wash them before you use them. The toys, while stored, may have come into contact with a number of viruses, pet hair and bacteria which may transfer to your body if you use them without a proper washing. And in case you store the toys safely, it is just a more careful practice that will benefit you additionally.

Choose the proper soap

It is suggested that a simple and non-scented soap will reasonably clean up your toys. Though you might tend to go for antibacterial soap, it is not necessary nor is there any need for it.

Apart from watering and soaping, the better option is using a sex toy cleaner. We carry a special toy cleaner product in the form of a liquid that your spray on your toy and then wipe it off. This removes all the bacteria without damaging the material of your toy.