How to Spice Up the Bedroom for Him

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Knowing what men want in bed is crucial to having a fun and exciting relationship, but its not the only part . the question is what do men want in the bedroom ?

Being really wild in the bedroom is certainly a turn on for some guys, but imagine only ever being really wild in the bedroom it would start to really get tiring for some men.

Instead what men really want is someone who is sometimes wild, sometimes really gentle /loving and sometimes just up for trying something new depending on how both of you feel  at that moment. In other words men want variation.

Here are some of the few tips to spice up  the bedroom for him

Boost  your level of interest for sex:

  • Most of you know that one of the things men want in bed is a girl who is really keen for sex with them. We can’t emphasize this enough; though you may already be incredibly attracted and keen for sex with your man the most important thing is showing it.
  • Showing your man you want intimate sex with him is surprisingly simple, all you need do is touch him more than you normally would especially in his more intimate, erogenous places. Making prolonged eye contact with him is also key. Let him catch you looking at his lips, bum and crotch to really show him how much you want it.
  • By far the easiest way is vocalizing it. Tell him directly how much you enjoy sex with him, things like ‘’I love feeling you on top of me’’ or ‘’I get so wet when you dominate me’’ if you are nervous about telling you man how much you love sex with him ,then try sending him a text message something as simple as ‘’can’t wait to be with you later".

Stop faking it immediately:

  • You probably wouldn’t say you had a blast on your first date if it was actually a boring date, so why lie in the bedroom? If you really want to spice things up in the bedroom with your man don’t pretend to like something that does not actually excite you.  
  • You should never fake an orgasm, instead let him know when something feels amazing either by speaking  up or engaging in some pretty obvious body language. That way there are no confusion about what you really like in bed.

Learn how to give great oral sex / blowjobs:

  • Without a doubt the absolute best way to spice up things in the bedroom is by giving your man a great oral sex. But if you are someone who uses the same old techniques over and over again on your man, then he is going to get bored fast as his penis becomes used to the same motions and sensations. This why we  recommend that women should try and watch tutorial videos on YouTube to arm yourselves with the knowledge of just what’s possible to give your man incredible oral pleasure.

Choose your own adventure:

  • "Adventure" is one of the things men find interesting in bed and no, we're not talking about dressing up as Indiana Jones and exploring your house or apartment. We're talking about being adventurous sexually. This means exploring both you and your mans sexuality and trying different kinds of fetishes.

Ignore your instincts:

  • The common and widespread belief that men are the only ones who crave something new in bed is so false. In fact research shows women are more likely to want sexual novelty. You should satisfy this urge by doing something totally outside your sexual norms like making a sex bucket list, getting busy in every room in your house, having sex before work in the morning , or even heading to hotel for a distraction free hookup. Be naughty, as these are the things that would help spice up the sex life in the bed.

Match your position to your mood:

  • Just like your dates can range from romantic to passionate, your hookups should too. Depending on the mood you’re in, get creative with your sex style and beyond just going with missionary all the time.
  • Feel like ripping each others clothes off the second the get home? Option for standing sex positions against a wall or in a sex swing.
  • Ready to take control? Hop on top for reverse cowgirl, try out some bondage or even try pegging with a strapon dildo. We hope you get the idea.

Dress the part:

  • Pick up a few slutty accessories or even a full outfit with sexy lingerie choices. Putting on a totally different persona that is whether it’s with a blonde wig and thigh highs or sexy nurse outfit will give you both a chance to play out a fantasy with lowered inhibitions’.

Take turns:

  • Make foreplay more fun by turning it into a giver-and-receiver game. Decide how much time to spend on each other, and take turns doing whatever you or your man wants. Do you know that pleasing your man can also turn you on even more? It totally can!

Play up the fantasy:

  • So how do you bring up the fact that you want a new position? Put the things you would like to do into the context of a sexy fantasy or dream that involves your man. You can tell him you had a crazy hot dream about shower sex last night or that you can’t get these fifty shades style fantasy out of your head.

Just go for it:

  • If you are a woman wanting more novelty, it’s great to be a little bold and assertive, just slow down and kiss your partner before changing positions so it doesn’t seem like you are dissing your man’s move.