Where to buy the best sex toys and lingerie in Carlsbad, California

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Sexy Toys Wunderland is your Premiere sex shop. We have a large inventory of any kind of sex toy you can imagine, and many you've probably never seen before. We also carry an extensive catalog of women's lingerie and erotic jewelry


Our lingerie listings include items made of chiffon, ribbons or silk nighties. Some of our lingerie made exclusively of leather
Our prices are reasonable and we are constantly getting new adult sex toys and marital aids. Our highly experienced staff is ready to confidently assist you with whatever adult sex toys you might be looking for: lingerie, sex toys, lubricant, massage oils, dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, love dolls and more. We also have a collection of bondage gear.
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What kinds of sex toys should you shop for?

How should you get started shopping on our site? When looking for a sex toy the key is to relax and appreciate the ride. Don't get overwhelmed with concern on what others might think about what sexually excites you. If you see an item that you think would be fun to use on yourself or your partner, just add it to the cart and try it out. Think of sex toys like having dessert at a restaurant -- you don't need them, but they sure make sex more entertaining and enjoyable. 


There's many kinds of sex toys — vibrators, dildos, kegel balls, nipple clamps, sexercises, penis rings, vibrators, sex chairs, dolls, anal plugs,  and masturbation toys — so the second step is choosing what you're searching for. If you’re curious about sex toys, you need to get over your insecurities and fears or it'll be hard for you to embrace the concept of using them during intercourse. The only way to know for sure what you like is if you start and experiment. 


Things to consider when choosing lingerie

Choosing lingerie that looks good on her body is no easy choice to make for a woman. Even more difficult is picking up the right lingerie that fits to her size. Many women have no idea, no proper understanding of what kind of specific lingerie would be more suitable and fitting to their bodies while making a purchase.

Here are some suggestions that you might want to keep in mind next time you go out for lingerie shopping.

Know your body

This the most basic factor to consider about your own self. There are several shapes that women’s bodies take such as a pear or a ruler. The evaluation of your body will assist you making an appropriate choice for the kind of lingerie you should go for. Assessing your body doesn’t mean you should nudge yourself completely in one specific type. You might also want to consider what type of regular clothing suits you most. This will also help you in making a fair assessment about your body shape. By being sure about your body shape and type, you can make more accurate and loveable choices. Never forget that all types of lingerie is not meant for everyone. There will always be one specific kind that your body will look comfortable in.

What works for you

Once you are sure about your body type and shape, you should browse the different kinds of lingerie available. Choose a reputable shopping place for greater quality and selection chances.

Pay attention to what you’d like to show off

Sometimes women feel insecure about their own bodies. But that should not allow negative thoughts prevail occupy your physique. The key to looking attractive in any lingerie lies in realizing that you wear what you want to and whatever you believe suits you.

Go for multiples

 Rather than shopping online, it would be better if you can go personally visit a mall. And when you do this, do not stick to one particular kind of lingerie. Try-room lights and environments is designed to virtually make anything look better on you, do not fall for it.  If you have a close friend who you don’t mind seeing you in under garments, better take them.

Make sure to try plenty of items before finalizing the choice. Putting on multiple items will help make you assess what really feels good and comfortable in contrast to others. It makes sense to keep trying rather than settling for something that you don’t like from heart.

Decide on two ensembles

When you finally pick lingerie to purchase it, be sure to know how it feels against your skin and body. It may look sexy but at the same unbearably itchy. What would you want to do? Pick on two different types of ensembles ranging from something super sexy to casual night wear.


Add different verities to your collection of personal lingerie. Avoid buying the same kind again and again. Keep on trying something new and different.